CECC is committed to fostering the dissemination of its research in both national and international renowned Scientific Journals and Publishing Companies.

veritatiCECC follows a publication policy committed to open access, mainly through the Repository Veritati.

From 2013 to 2017, CEEC researchers have published around 800 articles, book-chapters and books, which have definitely changed the field of communication and culture studies. The following examples represent activities carried out by CECC in 2013-2017:

ECCPublication of 13 volumes of the series "Estudos de Comunicação e Cultura" (Universidade Católica Editora);

of logo revPublication of 4 issues of the journal Comunicação e Cultura: Arte e Poder (nº 15); Pré-Guerras (16); Diálogos Singulares (17); (Re)thinking Communication and Culture (18); preparation of (19) Memória Visual and (20) Tradução, Cosmopolitismo e Resistência;

diffractions logoLaunch of the first six issues of the Graduate Journal for the Study of Culture Diffractions.