The FCT 2018 Call for PhD Scholarships is now open. Applications run from 28 February to 17h (Lisbon time) of 28 March 28, 2018. In this call, 950  scholarships will be awarded. This consolidates a progressive increase in the number of doctoral fellowships granted in individual competitions, as well as in the total number of doctoral fellowships (individual calls and FCT PhD Programs) awarded over the years.
The PhD Scholarships are competitively awarded to support the training of scientists, in all areas of knowledge, while studying for a PhD degree. The research work carried out under this call may be developed in any knowledge-intensive environment, in particular in collaboration with companies and other public and private institutions, including the Public Administration. Host institutions can be R&D Units, State Laboratories, Associated Laboratories, Collaborative Laboratories or Interface Centers.
In order to attract foreign researchers, third-country nationals who are not residents in Portugal are now able to apply. They must, however, hold a resident permit by the time set for their scholarship to begin. Also, following the recent OECD evaluation, a scientific coordination team is in place for this call.

For more detailed information, see here.

Estão abertas candidaturas para o Programa de Apoio a Projetos 2018 - Procedimento Simplificado, uma nova linha de apoio à atividade artística que acolhe pedidos de apoio entre 500,00€ e 5000,00€. Este procedimento simplificado difere do concurso público; envolve montantes financeiros mais baixos e processos de submissão e apreciação de candidaturas mais simples e mais céleres. Os domínios abrangidos por este programa são: circulação nacional, edição, formação, internacionalização e investigação. Deste modo, artistas e coletivos profissionais das artes, podem solicitar financiamento para diferentes tipos de projetos ou para atividades complementares de um projeto - por exemplo uma edição discográfica, uma formação especializada de curta duração em Portugal ou no estrangeiro, a integração em redes internacionais ou tradução e legendagem de obras nacionais para língua estrangeira.

Informe-se sobre as linhas de financiamento do Programa de Apoio a Projetos 2018:

Se pretende candidatar-se ao Programa de Apoio a Projetos 2018 - Procedimento Simplificado, consulte:

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O Material de Apoio e contactos para esclarecimento de dúvidas


Portuguese Language and Culture
Open for applications: 1 January 2018 - 30 November 2018

Call for applications to support original research projects in the fields of advanced studies regarding Portuguese Language and Culture, intended to encourage innovation, experimentation, and the development of new work technology with potential to be systematically replicated.

Specific areas

  • Linguistics, Philology and Didactics.
  • History, Art Studies, Literature, Philosophy and Cultural Studies.

Public and private institutions of higher education, research centres and other similar entities, both Portuguese and foreign.


The projects have to start within the next 12 months of the date on which the Foundation notifies the beneficiary. The period for implementation of the projects should be no longer than 12 months after the planned starting date.

How to apply

  • It is suggested to reread the Regulation before filing out the form.
  • The candidate should login to create a MyGulbenkian account.
  • All compulsory fields of the form have to be filled out before submitting the application.
  • After submitting the form the candidate receives an e-mail with the file number automatically assigned and the access to MyGulbenkian.
  • The application will only be completed after the upload of all required documents in PDF or JPEG.
  • It is possible to upload (or replace) documents during the present call for applications.
  • It is possible to save the form during the filling out process.
  • It is not possible to modify the form after it has been submitted.
  • To prevent difficulties in the submission process and possible request for additional information, by telephone or e-mail, avoid submitting the form during the last days of the opening period as they coincide with the weekend.

For more detailed information, see here.

Research scholarships for foreigners on Portuguese Culture
Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2018


These study grants are meant for foreign researchers wishing to conduct research in Portugal in the framework of a PhD or for publishing a book on topics related to Portuguese Culture in the fields of:

  • Literature,
  • History,
  • Art History,
  • Musicology,
  • Political Science.

Grant duration

The grants will be awarded for a maximum period of ten months and should be used preferably between September and the end of June. The grants are not renewable.

Eligibility criteria

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation awards study grants in Portugal to foreign post-graduate students.


  • Register
  • Before submitting the application form, please check all of the eligibility criteria and read the regulations
  • Your application will only be accepted once you have filled in the application form and uploaded the documentation requested in the Regulations. Finally, click on the ‘Submit application’ button.
  • To prevent problems in submitting your application, avoid applying in the last few days before the deadline.

Only online applications will be accepted (From February 1st to 28th at GMT)

Visit the website: