The aim of the Research Centre for Communication and Culture (CECC) is to promote and develop research in the areas of culture, literature, translation, language, and communication sciences, from a multidisciplinary perspective and encouraging relations between these different fields of knowledge, as well as the relations of each of them with other scientific areas.

The Centre integrates scientific research in the areas of Culture and Literature Studies and Communication Sciences, in a systemic and interdisciplinary collaboration between these two fields of knowledge and including international clusters of excellence that pursue the same academic goal.

The result of an awareness of the cultural and symbolic nature of acts of communicative mediation and of the institutions that govern them (newspapers, television, cinema, theatre, literature, publishing, museums and the Internet), and also of the notion that all aesthetic acts, by creating meaning, seek to communicate, is a twofold collaboration which transforms communication sciences into acts of culture and culture studies into communicative and symbolic acts.

The research produced in the Research Centre for Communication and Culture is undertaken within the crossover of these two suppositions, bringing together interdisciplinary teams from the scientific areas of literary studies, language studies, culture studies and communication sciences, who are united in an inter-systemic discussion of central issues related to how societies represent themselves, project their experiences and deal with the complexity of modernity.

Scientific interests which are ancillary to CECC’s activity are the study of the creation of culture in modernity, the inter-semiotic study of mediation, intercultural dialogue/conflict, and the model of translation both as an inter-linguistic reference and as a cultural element that permeates the interaction between peoples and cultures and defines the way they represent themselves.

The Centre has established multiple links with the Doctoral Programmes in Culture Studies and Communication Studies, thus presenting itself as an exceptional locus for discovering and training young researchers.